Singles retreat in Rome has been a successful event !

We hope that every participant enjoyed this week-end in Rome.

We have no more event until the end of the year.
But new events are in preparation for 2020… stay posted!

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Wyndham Shaw


Wyndham Shaw left us on 21st November 2019.

We cannot forget how much he and his wife, Jeanie, have given to our European churches over the years. First known for his books, such as “Golden Rule Leadership”, Wyndham was personally involved in the leadership of our churches. In particular, he participated in the European Bible School many times and he helped us to choose and to appoint our elders.

Besides his expertise, Wyndham also gave us his friendship. Personally, I had the honour of being with him and appreciating him as a friend when we were both sitting on the board of directors of the European Missions Society. Wyndham was a faithful, honest and trustworthy man. He was always ready to serve our churches and share a friendly time with us.

Our brother has left us, but his memory and example will remain with us.
I pray for his family that they will find all the comfort and support they need to overcome this time of sadness.

On behalf of EFCC,
Stephan Proennecke

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