Internationale Gemeinde Christi Zurich

Zurich lies in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, embedded between the lake of Zurich and the surrounding hills. Zurich, although it is the largest city of Switzerland, is relatively small. With a population of 400’000, you can cross the city in 30 minutes by bike. Nevertheless, being the financial capital of Switzerland and hosting the best-ranked university in continental Europe makes Zurich an international hub. Historically, Zurich was one of the birthplaces of the reformation as well as the Anabaptist movement.

The internationale Gemeinde Christi Z├╝rich (international Church of Christ Zurich) was founded in 1993 and today has 70 disciples and the same amount of children. We are a family oriented church with a growing youth and campus ministry – aiming to be involved in each other’s life and striving to make a difference to the people in our city. We meet at Rosengartenstrasse 1 for your Sunday services, but once a month are gathered in individual homes.

Website: www.igchristi.ch

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