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ESOM is the European School of Missions for Western Europe.

ESOM’s objective is to train young people to go on missions (Evangelists, women leaders,…) and to lead in a variety of ways in churches, including the possibility as paid staff.

ESOM’s role is also to help build relationships between future leaders

The school offers 98 hours of teaching per year (294 hours of teaching for 3 years) in four sessions, and support for local training. The curriculum is broadly divided into 3 areas:
  • Theology: Old and New Testament; core doctrine such as the cross and the resurrection, the Holy Spirit; church history,…
  • Ministry / Work: How to lead people to faith, study the Bible with seekers, how to preach; some counseling basics, and how to train and help others in our ministry to grow spiritually
  • Ministry / Character: ·Walk with God, prayer life and personal bible study, transparency, self awareness, gifts, strengths and blind spots, cost of leadership, servant leadership, dealing with critique

ESOM participants are selected by their local church and the cost of their tuition is covered by that church. Students enrol for a three-year program on a yearly rolling admissions basis : the first session of the year is in August.

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